Science Olympiad Opportunity

Would have posted earlier but logistics are killing me this year…

If you have Saturday free (this coming Saturday, April 22) and are interested in giving a few hours of your time for STEM education, we are having our annual state Science Olympiad tournament and are quite short of volunteers. No special skills are needed, most of what we need are people to run stopwatches or help grade tests (with a key). Not hard, but very rewarding. We are having representatives from over 140 Michigan schools on campus.

Volunteers needed all day (of course), or there are also morning (8-12 ish) or afternoon (12:30-4:30 ish) opportunities. Smash this link : InitLive. There are a bewildering array of choices, but if you are willing to flexible, just type ‘general’ into the search bar and pick one or both of those options.

We are excited to host the 40th annual National Science Olympiad next year (May 2024), so this is a good chance to get a taste of what that opportunity will look like.

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