Scheduling wood shop check-out

Hi all. I’m a newbie, so if this is not appropriate use of the “talk” forum, please let me know. I’d like to schedule a “check-out” for the wood shop. I’m particularly interested in the table saw and the radial arm saw. I can be free most anytime tomorrow (Friday), over the weekend, or Monday or Tuesday next week.

Thank you.

Tom Herdt

Hi Tom,

How about around 3:00pm on Saturday (tomorrow)? Between @RealCarlRaymond and I we should be able to get your checked out during open hours.

BTW, totally appropriate (and intended) use of the talk site! Just belongs in the #makerspace-areas:woodshop category instead of introductions, but I’ll move the topic there for you.

That will be fine. See you at 3:00 tomorrow (Saturday). Thank you very much.

Tom Herdt

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