Rescheduled: Electronics Volunteers needed 7/19

We’ve got a cool new collaboration in the works with the Michigan Assistive Technology Program (Assistive Tech Program – Michigan Disability Rights Coalition)

This November LMN will host a Hackathon to convert items (working on which) to have different tyles of adaptable switches. More information on this as the planning comes together.

Before we can teach a bunch of folks how to adapt these items, we need to figure it out ourselves. The folks from the Assistive Tech program will bring the items and switches on the 19th starting at 4:30 to LMN, and I’m looking for 3-4 electronics minded people to help us play around with them and make them work from the beginning. I’ll take pictures and write documentation as we go for use in November.

Tagging some folks that might be interested and have the skillz:
@RealCarlRaymond @jody @brian.adams


Here are the items that we will be adapting:

I’m interested, I wouldn’t say I’d have much more knowledge on this stuff than just a beginner though.

This one is a low-key learning opportunity where we figure it out together, so we’d love to have you.

Happening this Friday!
If you have an interest in or ability with electronics, we’d love to have you!

Quick head’s up that the switches didn’t arrive on time so we will be rescheduling this work group. I’ll post again when we’ve got a new date!


I have like 2 years in electronics from harry hill center. if it is ongoing program I can help.

Thanks for the heads up.