Reopening and fundraiser announcements, please read!

We have exciting news to share after Wednesday’s board meeting:

  1. Monday’s town hall is canceled for Memorial Day. We will resume town halls on Monday, June 7.

  2. We plan to submit our fundraiser for approval at Patronicity on June 4. Our next town hall will focus on a strong kick-off to the campaign.

  3. We have a tentative reopening date of June 14 for the current space! There are details to be worked out regarding masks, cleaning policies, and volunteer coordination though so please stay tuned for details.

To say we’re excited about these developments would be an understatement. We’ll do our best to share details as soon as we have them, feel free to post questions, and thank you all so much for your continued patience and support! :tada:


Will we be considering this a full re-open, meaning new members will be able to sign up? And is the re-opening intended to be at the new space? (Basically wondering if I should share this on socials)

@Jimmy, our goal is to reopen to allow all members access to the space while being mindful of existing capacity, social distancing, and other MIOSHA/MDHHS rules. I think during this period we’re not planning to charge members, so I’m unsure if that will affect new member sign-ups.

@brian.adams, what do you think about posting the tentative reopen date on social media?

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Has there been any conversation about getting classes started? For blacksmithing, we could consider holding outdoor classes over the summer months. The only time people would need to go indoors is to use the restrooms.


@Clifford_Bohm, I’ll bring this up! I suspect a lot of our options will come down to availability of volunteers’ and instructors’ availability and comfort level. :slight_smile:

I’m the instructor. I’m vaccinated for about a month now, so as far as I’m concerned, “Let’s do this!”


I’m not an instructor, but I’d be glad to volunteer to help with a class, like the cutting board class.

One question - are there any noise clauses in the lease? It probably wouldn’t do to annoy the neighbors with an extended run of a table saw or hammers on anvils on our very first week.

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I’m glad folks are excited to help with classes and find ways to make them work! Some of this will definitely be a “figure it out as we go” sort of deal. Identifying where classes will take place will be an important detail to communicate to participants as well, especially if/as we’re transitioning to a new location.

@Tony, I think the location we’re looking at now is zoned as industrial. The previous/current occupant was also using some pretty loud and heavy machinery last time we toured the building. We don’t think the noise we would make will be an issue. :slight_smile:

fyi: Just visited the Lansing Makers Network web site selected Donate online and is not functional goes page not found / Visit Square.

Vaccinated also, looking forward to seeing how things shake out.

Metal working interest is how I found the Lansing makers but the space has been closed the whole time!

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@bjadms8, thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into it now.

@bjadms8, the donation page has been fixed. Thanks again for letting us know it was down!

I am fully vaccinated and I would be open to an indoor or outdoor class.

Hi there!
Do you plan to allow new members to join? We moved to Lansing shortly before the shutdown and have been waiting for re-opening! :slight_smile: Thanks.

@Esheldon, we do want to allow new members to join when we reopen! Effectively we would like to resume all operations for all levels of membership with necessary adjustments to keep members safe and follow the current MIOSHA/MDHHS rules.

I’ll follow up with the rest of the board to see what new membership will look like and post about it. I know we have a bunch of new people who discovered the space during the pandemic who are eager for us to open back up (in addition to all our existing members)!

Thanks so much for waiting so patiently. We’ll get those doors open soon!

Reopened? The website says still closed, the phone line says closed. did the space open up after June14th or no? if not is there a new tentative date?
Thank you,

Hi James,

The space has not yet re-opened. We’re still coordinating with volunteers to make sure that everything is ready in time. This has been a little challenging since most of our volunteers have been working on coordinating our transition into a new building as well.

We’ll be meeting on Monday at 7:00pm, so hopefully we’ll be able to provide more details at that point. Erik has already provided a link to that Zoom meeting here, though I’ll try to post a summary of what is discussed afterwards.

Hope that helps!