Random Orbit Sander Replacement Velcro

Hey woodshop folks. The velcro on the random orbit sanders is getting fairly worn, and they’re tending to spit discs off in the middle of sanding. I’m happy to buy some replacement velcro for them, since I do my fair share of randomly orbit sanding, but I just wanted to check in first to see if there’s a preferred kind of velcro replacement (and/or if that actually is the best way to go in this case).

I recommend replacement part from manufacturer.

Cool. Where does one find these sorts of things? I’ve never looked for a replacement part for a random orbit sander. Is this just a purchase from Home Depot sort of thing?

Home Depot is a maybe, best bet is to ID part number from manufacturer and search the Web, I think Amazon would sell them.

A quick search indicates Lowes may have in stock. Do you have the make and model?

The ones in our shop are Dewalt. It looks like Home Depot does have replacements (maybe in stock). I’ll check the size and swing by today.

We replaced these recently. They’re nice and grabby now.