POLL: Regular member meetings, when?


I’d like to start holding more regular members’ meetings to get us together about improving and running the day to day of the space and I’m trying to figure out the best day to hold them. I don’t expect these to be “sit down and talk” meetings, although I suppose they could be from time to time. Hoping we can use this opportunity for some “gang up on a problem” time.

I understand that every week is different, and I’m not looking for a “if you hold it this day I can guarentee I’ll be there”, but more looking to gauge what days might be better at least initially to help get some momentum behind this. If you have a minute, click a vote or two to help me out.
We’ll hold them as often as we can keep interest. (Probably monthly to start?) Week days would probably be our usual 7:00 meeting time. Weekends, we’d have to figure out what’s the best time.

The members are the glue that keep the space growing and improving, so I want give as many members as we can an opportunity to help out.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Comments/thoughts are welcome as well. (But do me the solid of voting too :slight_smile: )

While Monday at 7:00 PM works best for me Sunday also at 7:00 PM could work but I’m not promising to be at any even if held at either of those times. (I’ve voted above too.)