Planer back online

Big thanks to @jbarber, @jody, @RealCarlRaymond, @michael for their help over the last few days. The planer upgrade is complete and the planer is back in operation.

And holy crap is it quieter and nicer. Surface finish is great! (The dust collector may actually be louder than the planer now.)

Please, please, please, please, do be kind to the knives. Check for metal and grit before planing. The knives are tougher now and easier to fix should a knick occur, but please do your part to help us out here.

Also, very importantly, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE/TURN KNIVES without permission and instruction from either myself or @RealCarlRaymond (and don’t be surprised/offended if we say “No, we’ll do it for you”). Ensuring the knives are properly seated and torqued is very important to keeping knives from becoming projectiles.

Thanks everyone, and happy planing!

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