Our fundraiser is live! Help us Make the Move

As you may know, we’re moving to a big new space in a more central location so that we can expand our community, activities, and programming. A larger space also means more tools and machines.

Our fundraiser is live! If we reach our campaign goal of $50,000 in the next 60 days, we will get $50,000 more in matching funds from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). Your donation will be doubled.

We really need your help reaching this goal. You can learn more about our plans and donate at http://patronicity.com/lansingmakers

Please share the link on social media and if you have your own ideas to help us run mini-fundraisers, let us know about them. Thank you so much for your support! :heart:

I have a couple questions.

The Patronicity page says we have 17 days left and the campaign ends Jul 31st… I thought it was 60 days as well. Can the page be updated?

Another thing I didn’t know was that it’s “all-or-nothing” While I’m very optimistic that we will hit our goal, I was under the impression we would still receive any donations up to that point.


We’re working on having the page updated to fix the end date. Unfortunately, we don’t have direct editing access, so we have to wait just a little bit to have the bug sorted out.

I’m not sure about the particulars of the all-or-nothing setting, but my understanding was that this only affects credit card transactions. If checks are given to us, I believe they are kept. “All-or-nothing” campaigns are also supposedly 8x more effective, according to Patronicity. But hopefully someone more involved in the finance aspect can chime in.

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All of what Jimmy said. The MEDC match will only be made if we meet the $50k goal as well. Getting $100,000 would be HUGE to help LMN thrive in the new space. If you have some of that stimmy money left, we could do a lot with it!

I see the page has been fixed, thanks!