Open house at the Temple Club building

The Temple Club building in Old Town Lansing has been remodeled into Temple Lofts. There will be an open house in the building tomorrow (Monday, De 12, 4-6 PM). LMN used to rent space in the building back in the day. Interested in seeing what’s been done with it? Stop by!


I’m going. It’ll be fun to see.

I was planning on going but didn’t make it. What were people’s impressions?

I was never in the building when the Makers were, so I can’t comment on the change. But the apartments here were very nice. They had a modern, trendy look. They ranged from small studio apartments, about 500 square feet, to a reasonably roomy 2 bedroom, maybe 900 square feet. Rents were low, I thought. The studio was maybe $650-700, and maybe $1000-1100 for the 2 bedroom. My guess is that those are loss leader prices, though, and they’ll take a jump when the lease is up for renewal.

One other thing - there was a 2 level parking ramp in back, on the south side. The top level was open to the sky, and the apartment windows on that side and floor looked right out at the cars. You would need some pretty hefty curtains to keep the headlights from shining in.