New class navigator on the website

I just put the last tweaks on the new class navigator on the LMN website. If anyone has a moment to pop over there and poke at it, I’d happily take any feedback or bug reports. (If I’m being honest… I didn’t test it in a large number of browsers. Link below. Thanks!

Ok… Wondering why Taste of Jewelry: Cold Forming is not together, like the other classes? The other classes are grouped with multiple dates, whereas the Cold Forming classes seem to have the same description, times, etc., but are split out.

FYI - it looks fine via Chrome on Android.

The simple answer is… reasons… I hadn’t decided if it bugged me enough to fix, but you’ve made up my mind and its fixed now. :slight_smile: New classes created using the multiple dates features of eventbrite will display correctly. (essentially the jewelry events were created before we started doing it that way and were therefore individual events). I’ve faked them together for now, which means they act slightly differently than the others, but not enough to be worth worrying about I think.

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback!!

Missing up coming February 8th Rose class

I don’t look further down using phone browser it is there

I took a look, and it opens and is clean neat and easy to read, mission accomplished.