New categories, volunteering, membership update (and more!)


A couple of announcements and updates to goings on at the makerspace

Open hours Memberships

We’re just finishing up our first week boostrapping the “Open Hours Membership” addition. Big thanks to @Rossi.Bossi, @conejita42, @RealCarlRaymond, and @jody for helping us staff this week’s hours and work through the madness. We added our first open hours member this week and with some help getting the word out, we’re excited about how its all going.

Membership Id Cards


As part of this new membership type, volunteers staffing the front desk need to be able to check members in when they arrive during open hours (make sure your membership is current and suchlike). If you come in during open hours, please just stop by the volunteer at the desk and check in.

We’re also creating membership id cards for everyone, so if you have a chance, stop by during open hours and let us create one for you (or poke one of us outside of open hours). It only takes a minute or two to take the picture and get the card.

Keyfobs will still be the means of access to the space unless you ask us to switch your access to your membership card.


We could still use some help filling shifts during this bootstrap of the open hours extension. While we’re still bootstrapping (for the next month or so), you can signup online for volunteer hours and we’ll on-board / train when you come in to work. Eventually, we’ll probably start having specific times for volunteer orientations, but in the interest of ease, this is how we’re starting it out. Please help if you can!

New Talk Categories

As part of the volunteer program the expectation is that volunteers will be working to make the space better in the time between helping members. We need to communicate what needs to be done. We don’t want volunteers to be janitorial staff–that’s still all of our responsibility as members. To help identify what’s needing to be done there are two new categories on the talk site. I’ve copied everything that was on the ideas board at the front desk and put it in the appropriate category.


The #ideas-suggestions category is the place for things that need input, discussion or are otherwise not ready for action yet. Anyone can create a topic in this category and topics are vote-able. Hopefully what bubbles to the top will help us prioritize what we can work on next.


This category is for things that are ready to be done. Anyone can jump on anything in this category. This category requires moderation before posting so that we can bump things to #ideas-suggestions when that’s the better place. (#issues-and-requests is still the place for something that’s broken or otherwise needs attention.) The idea is that once something matures in #ideas-suggestions it’ll get moved over to #volunteering:volunteer-tasks for some action.

Thanks again for everything everyone does to make our makerspace excellent!