New blower on laser cutter -- Needs mounting

Today, @jody installed a new exhaust blower on the laser cutter. The former blower was having performance issues. :-/

Neither @jody or I had time to mount the blower to the wall and get everything tidied up though. If you’re interested in picking up this project, we’d welcome the help!

All that needs to happen is mounting of the motor to the wall under the exhaust opening and plumbing everything up. Either cutting the output hose shorter or perhaps running some 6" metal duct between the blower and the vent would be great.

We haven’t gone shopping for parts (wall anchors and 6" metal duct) yet, but if someone is willing to take this on, the space will happily reimburse. Just give me a shout before you go so I can give you our tax exempt info for home depot. (The space doesn’t reimburse sales tax)

Done. Ray and I put it up.

Looks great! Thanks so much Melody!

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