Need take-apartable junk for school event (you know, for kids!)

Once again LMN is going to run the take-apart table at Bennett Woods Elementary School in Okemos. This is where we put the kids in safety glasses, give them a screwdriver, and point them toward some old household junk and let them take it apart.

This year, they’re having some trouble getting enough junk through MSU, their usual supplier. I’m putting out a call to bring in old appliances and similar small machines and things that would be fun for the discerning 3rd-5th grader to take apart.
We’re after older appliances, especially with a mechanical aspect to them. The holy grail is a VCR. These of course are getting rarer than dodo birds, but maybe there’s one in your garage or basement.

Things to avoid are anything with any kind of screen. No TVs or monitors of any technology or size. They’re hard to take apart, and frustrated kids start smashing. Nothing that’s glued together or heat sealed or anything like that. These kids are armed with screwdrivers.

Good are desktop computers (not laptops), although we’re expecting enough of them through MSU. Also good are old radios, land-line telephones, and similar.

The event is Thursday, April 21, so we have a couple of weeks. I’ll set up a bin or designate an area where you can place things. To avoid this becoming a bulk junk transfer opportunity, we would like right of refusal. Please ask here if you’re unsure if something is appropriate, or bring it in during open hours and ask me, or (and I’m going out on a limb here because I haven’t asked him) @Jimmy. We may well call off the collection early if we get enough.

You will NOT receive your items back.

On behalf of the kids, I thank you!

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Have you checked People give away a lot of stuff that may or may not work. Sounds perfect for what you’re doing. You’ll probably need to create an account to find stuff only in the Lansing area, but it’s free to do so. Or you could post an ad asking for stuff like what you’ve listed.

My friend has a vcr for us. If you need more stuff maybe we should ask the free and cheap store?

We’ll take the VCR! Thanks.