More cutting board jigs!

Since there has been a lot of interest in cutting boards recently, I made 5 more gluing jigs. New for the 2018 model year, these have EZ-turn wrench-free thumbscrews, stylish graphics, metal clamping bars, and an advanced magnetic clamping bar retaining system (consisting of some magnets).

As a courtesy to your fellow cutting board makers, please don’t leave a board in the jig longer than necessary, label each with a parking pass, and keep them out where they’re easily findable. And remember, we’re playing by Marquess of Queensbury rules, where a board whose glue has dried is fair game for de-jigging.

Carry on!

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Thank you so much Carl! I was wondering that myself, if I could remove someone’s board from the Jig if it had sat there for a couple days. Would it be helpful if people put a date and time that it would be okay to remove their board from the jig? That way they get their full 24 hours for sure.

Thank you for making these, Carl!