Mokume Gana video

You tube-How to forge copper and nickel Mokume Gana with coins
Is the title of the video.

Monkume is always very pretty. Not something that can be made at the space though.

Why not? It doesn’t look like it’s terribly difficult.

I imagine there might be questions of legality regarding the destruction of US coinage.

On the other hand, would it be possible to forge weld combinations of brass and bronze, copper and bronze, or other nonferrous metals?

The laws arent about destruction It’s just about trying to change the value and pass it off as more money, otherwise we couldn’t have the penny squishing machines

We are not able to forge weld in general regardless of the metals involved because it will destroy the forge. Also the metals involved most certainly would release toxic fumes and that’s not something we want. It might be a different story if we are talking about a jewelry size piece but I am assuming the goal is to make a billet.

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