Mitre saw station

@RealCarlRaymond is working on a mitre saw station for the woodshop, but this video just came out with some nifty ideas for finishing it out with dust collection and fences. Maybe we can incorporate some of this into our mitre saw station?

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I like is shirt, as I often where mine.

Check out what this guy did for drawer pulls. (Nothing really exciting about his mitre station, but the drawer and door pulls are pretty slick.)

His is OK, but it doesn’t float in air. Mine floats in air. (Possibly upside down, if the preview pictures I see on this message are to be believed.) It accommodates the big white rolling cabinet underneath. It’s pretty rigid, and should support a reasonable amount of weight on it.

Many thanks to @jfahner and @Charles.Little for installation help!

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This would be a super cool addition. I’ll happily chip in to make it happen.