Makesgiving: Yes or No?

Hi all,

On a previous thread I volunteered to organize Makesgiving this year on November 19th if there was interest in doing it. I haven’t seen a lot of responses one way or the other so if you are interested in participating this year please let me know either by responding to this message or voting on the earlier Makesgiving thread.


I’m game to take care of the turkey again this year, provided @jfahner is still willing to hook us up with his frying rig.

Or of course, we could cook a turkey another way… but I mean unless the other way involves lasers…

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Just putting this out there in case it’s useful: I use to cater an annual convention so I have a bunch of stuff that could be handy. Stuff like multiple crock pots, portable burner, electric frying pan, large mixing bowls & serving spoons, etc. I’d be happy to bring any of it for the event to use or possibly let someone borrow it for the event.

I love Makesgiving and I would be more than happy to bring a dish! just let me know what type (side, salad, dessert, ect.)

Yes, the frying rig is ready to go!