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This was just posted to the NoM Facebook group, anything in here we should make our own version of?

A++ to prominent code of conduct!

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I was thinking about making something this weekend with our code of conduct, but I thought maybe I should ask if anyone has any feedback on our current code of conduct before I do. Anyone have any thoughts ? Copied out of the member handbook:

Follow and encourage others to follow the principles of safety.
Be available to help others use machines safely or safely handle projects or materials.
Be courteous when interacting with your fellow members or their guests.
Make sure your use of tools or space isn’t preventing others from completing their projects.
Be respectful of other’s projects and materials when you come across them in the space.
Be mindful that LMN is a shared space.
Leave work areas cleaner than you found them and return tools to their place.
Only leave projects outside of your member storage space that you are actively engaged with.
Do your part to make LMN a welcoming, engaging environment for potential members. First impressions mean everything to people visiting the space.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns is a shared shop environment like LMN. It is important that every member or guest of LMN takes personal responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment for themselves and everyone using the space, including guests. We break the areas of responsibility into three distinct areas.
Your Own Safety

Attention: Give the work and the tool your undivided attention. One and only one person should operate a machine and must attend it while running. Operate machinery with a clear mind, never while fatigued or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medication, or if you have a medical condition that may impair your ability to safely operate machinery.

Attire: Wear ANSI Z87 safety glasses or goggles and closed-toed footwear at all times in the Woodshop and Metal Shop Areas. Wear hearing and breathing protection as appropriate to the work environment. Do not operate rotating machinery while wearing long sleeves, gloves, loose jewelry, loose long hair, neckties, hoodie strings or anything else which may be caught and draw you into the machine.

Ask For Help: If you are not familiar with a machine or operation, ask for help. Avoid handling long, large or heavy materials alone. Seek first aid immediately for any injury. Ask for help anytime you feel unsure about the safety of what you are about to do.

The Safety of Those Around You

Safe Materials: Do not bring toxic, flammable, explosive, or radioactive materials to LMN. Do not bring materials which may become dangerous when machined or heated (e.g. uncertified closed pressure vessels).

Startling: Allow others to give their work their undivided attention. Do not tap people on the shoulder. Move into others’ line of sight before attempting to attract their attention. Stay clear of areas where others may move unexpectedly without checking for your presence. Give warning before making sudden loud noises.

Dull Tools: Dull tools require excessive force, can pose a fire hazard and have a higher likelihood of ejecting materials from the work area.

The Safety and Health of the Tools

SOPs: Be sure to read and follow any SOPs in place for a machine.

Check and Report: Inspect machinery before using to ensure it is in proper working order. Consult an area manager if unsure about anything or report it to the members mailing list. Immediately report broken tools or equipment.

Authorization: Only use tools you have been authorized to use through the checkout process.

Be polite and professional in all interactions at Lansing Makers Network, particularly when giving or receiving feedback about safety.