Maker Meetup -- Organizer needed

So, I need to hand off the monthly maker meetups to someone else to organize. I love that we do them, and I think they’re a great thing, so I’d hate to see them go the way of the dodo, but I’m just overextended with everything I’m working on at the makerspace right now, and need to hand some things off. It’s been a hard decision for me to make, but I’m just not putting the effort into the meetups that they need to be great, and I’m hoping someone else would be able to.

They also haven’t been super well attended, largely because we haven’t promoted them consistently and so they start to end up in something of a dead-zone. I know @Dorothy will be happy to make sure they get promoted effectively, but we need someone on them who can make sure she knows what/when to promote, etc.

Other considerations:

  • Moving to once a month is probably best
  • Making sure we’re not conflicting with loud stuff at the makerspace (Monday night’s blacksmithing classes are not a good time to hold them).
  • Putting some structure behind them maybe, so folks know what to expect?

If you’re interested, chime in, otherwise I think we’ll just have to cancel them for the time being. It could also be a group effort if a few folks are interested in sharing responsibility for them.

I’ll happily continue to attend and do whatever I can to make them successful, I just can’t be the leader of them for the time being.

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I’m down to help out. I love curating events and spaces to bring people together. @brian.adams we can chat next time we see each other, I’ve got a few questions.


Planners & Doers:

Please let me know details of what’s planned & I’ll get it out there. Include what, when, where, cost, if reservations are needed, other details & contact person. If you have photos that’s a plus!