Macgyver Monday Tongiht

MacGyver Monday is tonight from 6:00 - 7:30. This is our attempt at something like where folks can come in and get help with a broken thing. For reference here’s one of the older event descriptions for it (it’s clearly not garage sale season anymore). We’ve had a few people stop by, and even a few members looking for help with a project, arduino code, etc. Fixers are always welcome too.

It’s hidden in the depths of our calendar right now and we’ve been hosting it once a month for a while now, It hasn’t gotten a lot of traction, mainly due to our not promoting it all that well. @Dorothy will hopefully be able to help us out with the whole promoting it problem :slight_smile:

Its garage sale season, which means plenty of well-used, slightly broken trinkets are coming out of the woodwork and finding new owners. Or, maybe you have something kicking around that needs a tune-up or minor repair.

Bring it by the makerspace and maybe we can keep them going!

We’ll try to fix it if we have the expertise and materials. At the very least, we’ll try to give you some advice on how to get it fixed (or if fixing it will never get it back to its old glory).

There’s no guarantee we’ll be able to fix it, and we might even make it worse (but we’ll tell you if we think that’ll be the case).

Things we’re more likely to be able to repair: lamps, simple toys, simple furniture repairs, some broken connectors.

Things we’ll probably not be able to repair: consumer electronics (TVs, stereos, CD players, VCRs, etc)

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