Looking for Make-and-Take station hosts

We’re looking for people to host Make-and-Take stations for a How to Holiday event on December 5th. If we can get five people to commit by Monday (and we already have three), then we’ll proceed with planning the event.

How these stations work: people would pay $15-$20 for a ticket that they can redeem at a Make-and-Take station during the event. The station host would walk them through making the thing in under an hour, then the participant keeps the item they made.

If you’d like to host a station, please comment below by Monday!

I might be able to help with this. Do you have more details? When, now long, where? What kind of project are we talking about? What kind of skills are needed for assembly?

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We’re looking at 1-5 pm to run a station in the makerspace. It’ll be a kid-friendly event so I think low-skill requirements would be preferred. This would also be a fundraiser so the cost of supplies would ideally be less than the $15 ticket. Each item also would be make-able in less than an hour so a person could explore a few other stations in the four hours of the event.

I wasn’t at the last one of these events in 2019, but I found this photo of some of the items people could make. Hopefully, that helps!

I would like to host a station. Right now I’m thinking of string art decorations that could involve adults and children. I’m also considering doing a woodturning demo and selling what I make for a suggested donation.


Thanks, @cafwood, that sounds great!

@Tony, was I able to answer all your questions? Do you have an idea in mind?

Ah… I assumed you had ideas already. OK, I have something in mind, though. I’m thinking of a spin art station. Put a piece of heavy paper or card stock on a rotating platform, add some random fast drying paint, and spin it for 20-30 seconds. The result is a randomized radial splash of color.

I’ve found several DIY designs for the platform online, and the card stock shouldn’t be too hard to locate. I’ll have to find some fast drying paint though. I think I’m off to Michaels or Hobby Lobby soon.

More questions, then - are we selling the ticket for $15-20 per station? It sounds a little steep, especially if someone comes in with 2-3 kids. Just curious, I’m not criticizing. Also, will this go to cover my costs for material for this? Finally, even if it’s fast drying paint, this might be a station that kids do first, then move on to others while the paint dries. Is that a problem?

Put me down for a maybe/probably yes for this, contingent on what I can find for paint, etc.


That sounds fun to me. :slight_smile:

@brian.adams and @jody were there for the How to Holiday in 2019 so they may have other station ideas and if anyone has ideas for the wheres and what kinds of paints to buy, I hope they chime in so we can make this happen!

I would be interested in volunteering. i have a pinback button maker that we could use, or i can teach some kind of paper craft that we can make for pennies. We could use something inexpensive like that as a supplement to ticket sales so that they can make multiple things for admission price.

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@jody were you able to connect with the member that staffed the jewelry station at the last How to Holiday?

@Kaliene_Law What kind of paper craft were you thinking?

@Kaliene_Law - Hi Kaliene! Thank you for volunteering. What are your thoughts on custom high quality holiday cards? We have received a few very nice handmade cards, some have 3D pop-ups inside. These cards were so cool and that we saved them and use one as seasonal decorations. I think this would be a big hit.


@Heather says she would love to do the stamping workshop with her husband Brian helping out. I’ll link her into this conversation.

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@jody - thanks for your help!
@Heather - thanks for volunteering! I’ll touch base with you separately with details. :slight_smile:

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i like the card idea, i also know how to make Froebel stars, like these


I’m impressed! My only concern is that we are charging $15-$20 per station. Maybe, instead of just the stars, we have a station to “wrap-up their experience”. That would be a DIY gift wrapping station that would include the stars, building a custom paper gift bag, and DIY gift tags? Thoughts? Are you comfortable with that? We could try to find at least one other person to help you staff it since there would be multiple steps/items.

@Kaliene_Law will you please confirm what you would like to do? I need to include the activity on our Eventbrite page. Thanks!!

i am good with your plan as long as i have another helper :slight_smile:

For budgeting, how many people are we expecting to attend the event? I think the things we are going to need are as follows:

  • Paper (bags, tags, & stars) - $25.50 (pack of 48, we could do 40 gift bags, and
    split the remaining 8 sheets between stars and gift tags)
  • Glue (bags, gift tags) - $7.30
  • Hole Punch (bag handles) - $3 (unless we already have one)
  • Ribbon (bag handles) - $12.50

TOTAL: $48.30 SERVING 40 CRAFTERS = $1.2075 per crafter

I may also be able to use coupons on this stuff, so some of it may come out cheaper. Let me know what you think, if this looks correct.

Thanks, @Kaliene_Law. I think an estimate for 30-40 people will work well. We don’t expect all attendees to visit all stations but it will be nice to be prepared for that many just in case. :slight_smile: