Leftmost Design Lab computer crashed on me (twice)

I got BSOD’d twice during a 3D printer checkout yesterday. Can’t imagine the heartache someone who was actually spending time designing something would experience. I’d recommend wiping the machines and reinstalling what’s necessary, but at this point it may be time to replace them anyway The model (Optiplex 990) is old enough that the MSU Surplus store no longer sells them.

What do we think? Time for a Design Lab overhaul?

As an update, this machine appears to no longer start up. Will need to grab any licenses off of it before decommissioning, probably.

I just checked the leftmost computer and it is currently turning on as of today (12/17). It looks like someone is currently using the computer but I will run CCleaner and Windows Updates (my two go tos from my tech support days) at the end of my shift tonight to see if that fixes anything. It also sounded like the hard drive was running a little louder than it maybe should be so a replacement might be worth considering.

Going to close this as we are looking into new computers anyway.

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