Laser Cutter Settings

Looking for some insight into the laser cutter.

Anyone have good parameters to how fast the cut speed can be at? Default is 100mm/s but I am looking to see if I can bump this up to ~300mm/s, does the poor guy even run that fast, are there caps either on the machine or MakerSpace rules?

I am playing around on home on RDWorks doing simulated cuts and finally have the program interpreting the lines I want it to, but at 100mm/s it says cut time over 4 hours and I don’t think running the laser that speed for that long would be safe.

Let me know :smiley:

I really depends upon the material. I think in the back of the written SOP is chart of some values that people found to be average.

1/4 plywood may need 25m/s. Acrylic depending upon thickness again may be faster or slower.
Etching can go faster. but there is a trade off. Higher means larger steps in none straight cuts.

There is a Cap on the speed. While etching I found that going above 200 or 300 or more had the same results. So one then needs to lower the intensity for softer etches.

Unfortunately, it takes some actual experience on scrapes of like material to fine tune the results.
Good Luck.

I also suggest testing out speeds/power on materials before proceeding. I have a feeling that the differences in etching within a material-type are not linear and/or predictable sometimes

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