Laser cutter power issues


Affected Tool or Resource: Laser Cutter

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@Airickjay was having problems with the laser tonight not engraving across a full 12x12”(?) job. I’m not sure of where it was on the bed or any of that, @Airickjay if you can provide any additional info that would help troubleshoot that’d be great.

@jody can you take a look tomorrow (assuming you’re planning to be in)? I’m wondering if it’s an alignment problem.

Please remember that VOLUNTEERS will be helping to resolve this issue. While everyone works very hard to fix things quickly, sometimes things take time. Please consider volunteering to help keep everything working well at our space!

I’ve got the middle shift today. I’ll take a look at it.

@Airickjay Did the engraving taper off across the 12x12 or just stop?

It kept fading in a diagonal pattern on the acrylic. It appeared that it was going to eventually fade completely given the pattern of the etching. I stopped it when I realized it probably wasn’t going to be able to cut it.

@jody re-leveled the bed as it was obviously out of kilter and wasn’t helping anything.

We’ll need to do a full re-alignment, but the laser is currently usable. Large jobs, or jobs requiring a significant amount of precision may suffer until the re-alignment is complete.

We’re working on scheduling a time to do it this week.


Did you manage to get anywhere with the laser alignment last night ?

Yep. I leveled the bed and repaired a bent bracket on Saturday. Neither fixed the issue but the bed is more level than it has ever been. So that’s good.

Last night, with a huge amount of help and direction from @millerajm, we realigned the laser. It now cuts fine across the entire bed. The kerf seems a bit much but that might mean we need to play with the focus.

There’s more fine tuning to be done but it’s much better.

That’s great! It wouldn’t surprise me if after this the focus height has changed slightly.

Awesome, thanks for the fix!

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