Laser Cutter Checkout Thurs 9/27 @ 4:45pm

Hello! I would like to take the safety/SOP class to be able to use the laser cutter and the sticker machine next to it? Can anyone help?

I’m not sure what the “part 2” is in reference to, but I can help you get a checkout scheduled.

I know @Marisa is looking to get checked out as well, so maybe we can find a time that works for both of you?

I can be available this evening (Thursday) to do a laser checkout, after about 4:30pm.

Or we could schedule one for this Saturday pretty much any time.

If neither of those works let me know what might work next week and we’ll get it goin’!

I can be there today ~4:45ish.
I called it part 2 because there was already a post with the name “laser cutter checkout” and wouldnt let me repost it

Ahh! Completely understand now! That’s feature of discourse to incentivize folks to use more descriptive topics (so we don’t have a bunch of “Help!” topics floating around.) I’ve disabled the feature for now b/c topics like these are perfectly acceptable to have duplicates of!

That works well. I’ll be here. @00Duck and @Marisa if you’re able to join, please do. If not, let me know when would work for either / both of you. Same goes for anyone else looking for a laser checkout, just please let me know if you plan to attend (we can handle a max of 4 in a laser checkout at one time).

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