Laser Cutter Checkout Request: Apr 2022

I would love to do a checkout for the Laser Cutter if someone is available to do so.


@Evelyn I was checking out other posts and it looks like maybe you would be able to help me out with this? Or do you know someone else who might be able to? :slight_smile:


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Yeah! Ty for reaching out. I could show you Sunday at 2, if that works for you. If you need sooner, or another time, I can ask others for their availability

2pm on Sunday would be perfect! Thanks @Evelyn, see you Sunday.


Would it possible if I attend the 2:00pm checkout for the laser cutter? I’d like to see how to operate this machine and possibly checkout a time slot to use this around 4:00pm. @Casey_Hewens @Evelyn

That should be fine!
See you both then

Hey y’all, I had lunch with a co-worker yesterday that tested positive for covid today. I won’t be in on Sunday. I did reach out to another volunteer to see if they’re available to get you checked out
I will do my best to keep you updated!

Sounds good. I’ll take over this checkout, same time.


Hello, would it be okay if i joined this checkout as well?

Sounds good to me! Though 3 people is the max.

So it looks like we’ll have @jacob, @Casey_Hewens and @Cait for 2:00pm on sunday!

Hey sorry to hear that. Help you get well soon

So far, no symptoms. I’ll test in a few more days
/Fingers crossed

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