Laser Checkout Wanted

I would like to learn the laser cutter and apparently I missed the recent checkout four days ago. Could anyone show me how to use it? There is no urgency, and I am happy to wait to get more people for the class.

I can get you going on a laser checkout. Any particular day/time better? It takes about 1hr15m to get through everything. We’ll get something scheduled and then let others join it, it generally works pretty well to put a class together that way. :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian! Thursday 21st or Friday 22nd, say, at 7 pm would be good for me. Any other day would work as well.

Thursday works for me, too!

@Kirill @Rossi.Bossi

Let’s do Thursday (tomorrow) at 7:00 then

Good! See you tonight!

Great! I’ll see you then!

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