Kicking the tires on a new documentation system

Hey all, we’re kicking the tires on a new documentation system to see if it might make it easier for us to get SOPs written, shared, and online.

Hit the link below to checkout an example, I’ve put a few of the laser SOPs and a Woodshop SOP in there to get a feel for the system.

There’s a few administrative questions about using it (their free tier is missing some features we’d prefer to have), but I’m reaching out to them to see if they might be willing to work with us.

Anyone can create an account and take a stab at editing or creating a guide.

Feed back is welcomed and appreciated! @MakerspaceStaff be sure to take a look from the standpoint of getting your area’s documentation written easier/faster.

Hey, that looks just like the system Prusa uses to document the build steps for their printers.

:slight_smile: Indeed it is… (and where I found it).

It’s called dozuki. It’s the software that ifixit developed and is now offering as SAAS.

It looks nice, I like that you can add comment and add questions.

Cool, rearranging steps is easy, it seems like a really good tool for this.

Dragging and dropping images and videos is sweet

Marking up the images with circles and lines is easy!

I love the markup feature. That’s probably one of the harder/time consuming steps for documenting things right now.

I also really enjoy that it looks good on mobile. Putting robot barf on the machines that link to the SOPs would be pretty straight forward.

Editing is meh on mobile, but that’s probably not that often a use case.

Markup with snagit is super easy.

Turns out you can paste images from your clipboard into this talk website!

I use Skitch, which is pretty similar to snagit, and copy paste would work but I like to save the images in case I need to rearrange in Docs (pasted images don’t get added as files.

There’s a lot of little tricks with talk like that. My favorite is how quoting works (which you’ve already discovered) BUT, you can actually navigate to other topics and quote things from them the same way.

Also, If you want to link to a different topic:

  1. CTRL-ALT-F: will open search from composer
  2. search for your thing
  3. down arrow or up arrow: select your result
  4. hit a to add the result to composer