Improved dust collection in woodshop

Today we ran some pipe along the north wall of the woodshop for dust collection for the big CNC machine, the table saw, the router table, and the drum sander. All of those now use the blue vacuum formerly dedicated to the CNC machine.

Each machine now has its own blast gate. Be sure that the gate for your tool is open, and all others closed for most suction. The photo shows the table saw’s gate in the open position.

When you finish with the tool, close the gate again. (We ran this past Miss Manners, and she agrees.)

While it’s a slightly longer walk to the vacuum and back before and after using the saw, that’s just temporary. We’re planning to get switched blast gates, and just opening the gate will start the vacuum. (How’s that sound to you, @Gary?)
Then it becomes very convenient, with no extra steps. This also ensures that the gates get closed again, because the vacuum continues to run while they’re open.

This has freed up the green vacuum, which we can use for the other side of the shop.


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