How-to Halloween 2019

We have a fun weekend with How-To Halloween
Oct 19 - Oct 20 · Lansing Center · Lansing, Michigan

This year we are planning on bringing the Blacksmith, Mega-Operation, Mega-Tetris, Harpsi-Gourd and a few new exhibits.

It would be great if we could get some volunteers to help Cliff and myself, either of the days or times. along with either loading and unloading before and after on Friday and Sunday evenings.

If you are interested or any questions please let me know.



I signed up for Sunday evening 2-5pm slot for volunteering there. Matt (Rossi) had sent out a request earlier last week asking us to sign up if we could. So I will be there at closing time and can help out if I am not given any other specific tasks!


That is great. Thanks. It is very low pressure, mostly just watching over stuff and answering questions.

What’s the plan for setup. I’m setting the anvil, post vise and forge on a cart by the garage door now. Do you need help loading up or loading in? I can make time on Friday (particularly after work) and I can be available anytime on Saturday. I can deal with tools and steel (the little stuff) myself.

From his manual

Set-up: You can set on Friday the 18th from 5-9pm and/or Saturday the 19th from 8-10:30am. You can also get access to the hall at other times on Thursday and Friday by request.

I need to figure out to handle a kid and this. So I guess let’s get it all ready after or before 5pm. And then can haul it all over that evening.