Home Automation / Home Assistant

A few of us are going to meet up on the Home Assistant topic, if all goes well I’ll try and do a more regular thing and start some sort of community surround that.

If you’re doing home automation, specifically interested in Home Assistant I’d be interested in hearing from you, so I can start to put together some sort of community, and semi regular meet up.

I’ll share this in the Lansing Codes Slack. I know there are a handful of people in there doing cool things with home automation who may be interested.

I’m interested in picking back up with home assistant and setting some things up with it. I’ve run it in the past, but lost my install when rebuilding the virtualization host in anger and never set it back up. I still try to keep up with updates by listening to the home assistant podcast, but just haven’t found the time or priority to fit it back in.

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I’m interested as well. I just setup Home Assistant this weekend. I’m really impressed by it so far and would love to connect with other local users so I can learn more.

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Sorry I don’t have any details yet. Stay tuned. I think there are at least 7 or 8 people interested. I should have time soon to plan a few meetings.