Helping to sharpen chisels and planes

I don’t know who traditionally does this but I am interested in learning the technique for sharpening chisels and plane irons. If there is a day that someone wants to tackle those items together I would be happy to assist you a bit.

Just let me know.

I would be more than happy to show you how to sharpen the chisels. The plane irons are another matter. if its a relatively straight blade we can take care of it but if it is shaped it might be a bit above my abilities. how do you feel about Thursday in the afternoon or perhaps Saturday during open hours?

Saturday would work better. Let me check what the plans are this weekend and get back to you. I planned on popping in for open hours tomorrow as well so if you happen to pop in after 3:30ish let me know.

I can be there tomorrow at 3:30 if that works better for you.

Yeah, I’ll be in the shop around 4.

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