Hello There, I'm Josh

So new here. May not join the community or I might actually do. I’m interested in a load of different things all at once. I’ve got a load of future projects I have planned and buying and making all the tools for it would be somewhat problematic. Interested in leather working, wood working, metal smelting and casting, as well as a little blacksmithing. I wonder how much of this I’ll find at the Network but am still interested in learning. If anyone here smelts metal at home, I’d love to talk with you as well.

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Hi Josh. Welcome. You’ll find a lot of woodworking and blacksmithing in our community. There’s some metal casting, as well, and a bit of leather work.

Feel free to come by to the space this weekend if you want a tour. We’ll be happy to show you around and give you a sense of what you can do here.