Hello, i'm volunteer christopher

Greetings humans,

My name is Christopher and I live in your new neighborhood. I stopped by today and toured the facility (thank you @Danielle !). I’d love to come by and help you check off some of your volunteer list.

I was thinking tomorrow, Saturday September 18th? Generally I am available Monday mornings, Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.

See you around!

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Welcome to the space! :partying_face:

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@Jimmy I was only able to give Chris a tour and signed a waiver. I think you or @Rossi.Bossi might need to give a full volunteer orientation and paperwork stuff.

Hey @Kryz. Welcome to the space I’m in tomorrow from 2:30 to 5:30 and could get you started on some volunteering stuff then. We’re still getting the space established, so some of the volunteering orientation, we’re still kind of thinking our way through. But we can get you set up to enter volunteer hours and such.

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Just a heads up, paperwork is done along with orientation and a laser cutter checkout. Also did some volunteer tasks! @Kryz will be able to advise on the number of hours spent volunteering today total, as we weren’t able to enter them into the system.

Oh good. Thanks for getting that done.