Hardware/Tools SALE

Okemos Ace Hardware is closing its doors and the bargains are starting. Currently discounts vary in the 20-30% range but some, hobby brass and aluminum for instance, are already discounted 50%. Address. 2143 Hamilton Rd; Okemos, Michigan 48864

I can’t buy it all but I’ve bought some already and likely will make another pass or two through the store as final closing (not yet determined) gets closer.

Nooooooooooo. Not another great hometown hardware store down the tubes!

At least we still have Vet’s

Fallen to the same reason so many good places have fallen to in the past decade: owner wants to retire and nobody capable is willing to step forward. :frowning:

We’ve talked before that it would be cool to have a set of the drawers they use for small parts and components at the space. Anyone willing to go out there and find out if they’d be willing to hook us up ?

Melody and I just went to the Ace since we were already in Okemos. A large part of the store is now 50-70% off and they still have a LOT on the shelves. Actually, they still have enough stock that I didn’t notice and empty spaces on the shelves. Of note in the 50% off list: basically all plumbing, electrical, paints (Kryalon spray was 20%), sanding materials, router bits, and Dremel accessories. Metal rod, tube, and sheeting was all 70% off.

@brian.adams, we talked to one of the guys there about the drawers and bins. If we want to buy the components by the box (at 50% off currently) we get the drawer with it (if wanted). If we get a full unit’s worth of drawers the unit comes with it (if wanted). There are already 4 people who have approached the owner about buying the remaining units with there contents after the sale ends. They currently have a number of empty bins like the red ones currently in Electronics at the Space which are selling for $1 each but they will go as low as $0.50 each if we buy enough.