Happylab Vienna

I try to visit makerspaces when I travel. Well, my partner and I went to Austria for her birthday and we stopped in to Happylab. They gave us a tour and we talked shop briefly.

Neat points:

  • Efficient use of space.
  • Nicely displayed tools.
  • A store where you could purchase consumables with your account.
  • Keycard scan boxes to use tools you’ve been checked out on.
  • Huge amounts of OSB!

Pictures here:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the space have a store to purchase materials a few years back?

Also, an idea has been floating around about a store where members can sell their newly made objects. What do people think about this idea?

I really like this idea. @Clifford_Bohm mentioned having “open houses” as semi-regular events where people could come, tour the space and members could set up a flea-market of sorts to sell their goods and talk about the space, donate some profits to LMN and keep the rest. I know non-profits have done and do shows like this, so it is an achievable goal.

I’m interested in the key card idea, or some kind of sysem for popular tools (single person tools) so members can reserve a time to know the tool will be available