Greetings Everyone! Laser engraver on Sunday... Also Bat Boxes!

Greetings everyone, I just joined today and was hoping to get to know the laser engraver. I am volunteering Sundays for the next few weeks and have weekends free if anyone is available to show me the basics on the laser engraver. I have a project for the Lansing River Trail that I was hoping to use it for. I’m attaching a mockup of what we are looking for and am hoping to engrave in an 11"x17" piece of maple. I am open to ideas to make this a long lasting sign for the river trail so any expertise is hugely appreciated. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the space!

Welcome, Peter. I’m happy to get you going on the laser cutter either later today or next Sunday afternoon. Answer back here what works for you, so other people can join in as well.