Emergency project extension

I’ve got some cedar panel and insulation it’s marked by a piece of scrap wood with a date on it, my truck is currently out of commission ((I’ve got it narrowed down to ignition/spark problems the starter is turning the engine but I’m not getting a bunch of timed tiny explosions I’m hoping it’s not timing… if it is I’m milling out the 350 to 5.7 hemi motor mount converters because I’m nuts… I’ll probably rebuild the 350 or sell it but that’s neither here nor there right now)) these are what I’m making with it insulated window boxes

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Bump/ apologies for my absence of project management, my truck had messed up ((fixed now)) my mom ((she’s 73)) needed more care and moved up from Missouri so my cash has been tight I’ll be opening a request to renew my membership asap… my apologies for any inconvenience