Dust separator for planer/jointer

There is now a separator on the lathe/planer collector to prevent clogging with the larger chips of these machines.

Please check to see if the can needs emptying before / after you plane/joint. If the can gets too full, the chips will make their way to the collector. Please help out by emptying the can when it gets more than 1/2 full (don’t leave it for someone else to take care of please).

I’m not sure if this was because the bin was too full, but yesterday when running the jointer, it was kicking up a lot of sawdust. The planer wasn’t quite as bad, though, which makes me think this was the jointers system specifically.

Sounds like it’s clogged somewhere. Check along the hose for lumps, and at the Y adapter on the vacuum. And if the can is full, empty it into a bag.

@Alon_Yossef found that the jointer itself was full of chips (like, packed until the back popped off full). He cleaned it all out. It may be that a backup started when the jointer wasn’t able to get chips out properly before the separator was in play. Keep an eye on it though (i.e., make sure chips are making it into the bin).

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