Dust collection upgrades

There’s probably a clog in the line somewhere again.

@pat.hepfer you had mentioned a more industrial dust collector that might be available… can you get with @mgrossbauer to see if it might be something we could use (If you’re still considering donating it to the cause, of course)

I think the root cause of this is the dust collector we’re using just isn’t up to the challenge we’re putting it to.

We’re space constrained at the moment, so we might not be able to fit a new collector in, but we should look at options since this seems to be a recurring problem.

I have one, it is huge and will need to be wired in, but it’s a beast. I will take photos tomorrow morning.

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This thing is a beast. it stands roughly 11 foot tall, and takes about a 55 gallon barrel for the large collection bin. I believe I have all the necessary components to get it going. Let’s chat further if this it’s something we want to pursue.

I moved the discussion about long term fix options here to a new topic so it doesn’t get lost.

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I think integrating @pat.hepfer 's collector is the long term solution in a new space. In the meantime, lets consider converting what we’ve got to a two-stage to avoid clogs at the fan inlet grill.

This page is what I’m thinking, and there’s a number of videos online of converstions.

We should also probably upgrade that collector to cartridge filters rather than the bag to improve airflow if we’re going to be making modifications anyway.


Clyclone: $280 + $54 shipping
Filter: $199 incld. shipping
~$700 (with trashbins and misc. to make it all connect up)

Not an outrageous price IMHO. Compared to $3-5K to purchase a two-stage.

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