Code of Conduct reminder

LMN has a broad, general Code of Conduct for all members to follow. It contains few specific rules, instead urging members to be respectful of others and of the space and tools. In regards to the space and tools, it encourages us to leave the space in better condition than when we got there.
We have no clean up or repair staff. It is discouraging and frustrating to find tools left out or damaged, dust not swept up, work tables covered with dried up glue or finish, or work surfaces left covered for days with partially completed projects.
To try to help, the woodshop has a new shelving unit to temporarily store your partially finished projects. We urge you to do the best you can to continue to bring these projects to completion. Left over wood must be removed or put in the scrap bin. We are not a material storage facility.
We will try to have a large roll of paper for you to put over a workbench for glue ups, but we encourage you to bring your own paper or plastic or drop cloth to cover the surfaces for your messy work. You can of course just clean the surface right after your glue drips or paint spills.
Thanks for your help in this.

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