Cnc Z Axis not moving


Affected Tool or Resource: [CNC]

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[the cnc z axis is not moving. I didn’t mess with it because I didn’t want to further throw it out of wack. The Y and X axis seem to be fine though]

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I’ll examine tomorrow night.


Hey, I just wanted to follow up and see if you were able to get to this. No worries - just don’t want to head over to the space if not.


Not yet, but I’ll be in tonight and I’ll look at it after the checkout.

Sorry to keep you waiting!

The CNC machine is working again. It turned out to be a motor driver, not the motor. Fortunately there are spare drivers already in the box, so it was a matter of swapping some wires around. I gave it a test run and all seemed well.

Many thanks to @Rhett for doing most of work. I really just pointed the light while he turned all the screws.

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