CNC Up and running?


Affected Tool or Resource: [CNC]

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to use the CNC for a project and @RealCarlRaymond and @mgrossbauer noticed that it was making a strange noise. I don’t think an issue form was ever filled out about it, but I was wondering whether it was up and functioning again.

Please remember that VOLUNTEERS will be helping to resolve this issue. While everyone works very hard to fix things quickly, sometimes things take time. Please consider #volunteering to help keep everything working well in our makerspace!

It was not so much as strange, but louder than usual. I have been searching for a maintenance and repair manual for the spindle without success. I would hesitate to disassemble it without a manual. Potentially critical information such as torque requirements for the bearing retention ring are unknown, as well as lubrication schedule. I will continue to look for the information. I think the woodshop CNC spindle has been used successfully since the change in sound level was noticed and lubrication applied.
Those using the CNC should note any future issues here.

Would you count it as OK to use for now, then?

In the absence of additional information to the contrary, I would say yes.

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