CNC Router won't home


Affected Tool or Resource: CNC Router

Team, Group or Volunteer who usually handles this type of ISSUE or REQUEST (Please tag using the @ symbol. Start by typing @TEAM_ to find most responsible teams): @TEAM_Woodshop

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@Joe reported that the CNC Router won’t home in the X direction. I took a look and it seems like something is preventing the head from going far enough to the left to trip the home/limit switch. I did some diagnosing and couldn’t find anything that would seem to be causing it. @RealCarlRaymond can you take a look tonight and see if you see anything I didn’t? We could try adjusting the limits, but it seems prudent to figure out why it’s not able to move as far.

Please remember that VOLUNTEERS will be helping to resolve this issue. While everyone works very hard to fix things quickly, sometimes things take time. Please consider volunteering to help keep everything working well at our space!

Well, unfortunately I wasn’t able to replicate the problem tonight and everything homes correctly. Somewhat flummoxed, but it is indeed working correctly now.

If it happens again, we’ll dig in and see if we can find a root cause.

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