CNC router down

CNC router stopped working today. Bottom bearing is shot. I will find replacement part info. and send to Brian.

I wonder if it’s time to run the 220 and get the higher power spindle running?

Also I think this router has had it’s bearings replaced a few times, that seems like it’s going to keep happening.

It’s beeb time for a long time needs someone to follow through and get it done.

Second set of bearings and second router. Last one was purchase in July 2017.

I can help with running a new electric circuit if you decide to do so.

Bearings are ordered. Should be here this week.

I understand that a spindle is available for the cnc router. I would like to explore what it would take to bring it online. Any organizational knowledge of the requirements to do this would be helpful, as well as any hardware manuals, etc. So far I have found a Phase Converter Drive under the router table and have down loaded the manual for it. I will be out of town until late Thursday and have other commitments through Sunday. I should be available at the beginning of next week.


@RealCarlRaymond and I were talking about this this weekend. One of the nagging questions has always been if that controller will be happy to run the spindle on 208 3 phase.

Since we at least have an outlet now that has 208 3 phase on it we can put a tail on it and test that it would run. Carl and I were talking about setting that up, if we don’t get to it while you’re gone, let’s set that test up first thing when you’re back so we know what we’re up against. If it works, then we just have to see about getting the outlet installed. And of course Mach configured to talk to it and everything else that entails.

This was fixed some time ago, just cleaning up and marking it solved.

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