CNC Router Checkout Wednesday 11/22 @7:00pm

Andy here.
Became a member yesterday! One of the main draws to finally sign up was that beautiful large machine in the far corner of the wood shop. Just here to say I was interested in completing a check out class for the CNC router.

Hi, I’m Kirill. I’m also new and looking to use the CNC router. So I would join the class. Thanks!

Welcome Kirill and Andy. I met both of you on Saturday. I’d be happy to run the checkout class for the CNC router. We have a long holiday weekend coming up. Will that work for you? I propose Friday afternoon (day after Thanksgiving) at 2:00pm. Saturday afternoon is also open for me. Or Wednesday evening at 7:00.

The checkout takes about two hours, with half on the computer using V-Carve, and half at the machine.


Hi Carl, I am good with any of the time choices you mentioned.


Hello Carl and Kirill,

If you are talking about Wednesday of this week (11-22-17) that will work best for me.
If not, Friday at 2:00pm would work.


OK, let’s schedule it for this Wednesday, the 22nd, at 7:00pm.

If anyone else would like to join us, speak up. There’s room for three more.


Sounds great, see you then.

See you Wednesday 7 pm!

Any chance you’ll do checkouts on the lathe afterwards as you did last time?

I would be all for that if it happens.