CNC Router Checkout Monday, 12/11 @ 6:30pm -- CANCELLED

Would it be possible to be checked out on the CNC router this weekend? If not this weekend, I could do Monday or Wednesday night after 6. Thanks!

Monday after 6 would be fine, say 6:30?


6:30pm works great! Thank you.

If I can make it, is there room for another?


Sure you can pls join us.

@evolartist @Kyle

@Gary isn’t going to be able to run the class tonight I’m working on getting someone to sub for him, but I wanted to give you a heads up in case I’m not able to make that happen.

Sounds good, just let me know!

Yes, I’ll check here before coming in…thanks!

@craniumation @Kyle

Officially cancelled for this evening, @Gary or @RealCarlRaymond will work on rescheduling.

Thanks for understanding guys!

Any chance for a checkout this weekend? Just checking :slight_smile:

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