CNC Material Sourcing + Bit Questions

Hi Everyone!

I need some advice, I’ve just started practicing with the CNC and have plans for a future project, but Im having trouble figuring out how to buy materials and tools. Does anyone know of a local supplier for pieces of wood, clear acrylic, and/or hard foam for molds? And what details I should provide to a supplier once I find one? I want to source some thick materials from 1/2in to 2in. Im looking to eventually create pieces with a level of detail comparable to this:

Also on the question of bits, I was thinking of purchasing these two for myself as a supplement to the tools already at the space.

Thank you for your time!


Very cool video! Also I’d like to pass on a hard lesson (expensive lesson too!): a fellow CNC operator wound up snapping his newly purchased ($50) bit when after doing an initial operation on the CNC, moved the carriage over to side and didn’t lift the Z axis far enough for the bit to clear the white plastic guide for the sacrificial board… SNAP!
Here’s a suggestion: lower the height of that plastic low enough to still be used as a guide for the sacrificial board, but so that it wouldn’t interfere with bit movement across the surface.
OK… the ‘dissertation’ is done!


Thank you! Yes thats a great lesson, definitely want to keep my bits from falling to bits!

Johnson’s workbench and Michigan barnwood are my go tos for nice wood. For cheap wood i would watch facebook marketplace ad people dump extra lumber regularly. Bits are a bit harder. I often default to wherever i am shopping at the time

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