CNC machine out of order temporarily -- FIXED

While working on the big CNC machine, I broke a shaft coupling, putting it out of order. It’s a common part, so I’ll have one in a few days, and get it back in service.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Parts ordered. Will pick up Tuesday.

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Is this related to the slop in the x axis?

Yes. We were trying to reduce it, and I broke a shaft coupling. They’re made from cast iron, and are brittle, I discovered.

Is the machine back in working order? Or can I help you install the coupling tonight if not? @RealCarlRaymond

It’s not in service yet, but I’ll be working on it tonight, and I hope to get it buttoned up. In any case, I’ll post in this thread when it’s running again.

I’m sorry for the disappointment!

It’s all set now. Lou and I got the flange onto the pulley and anchored pretty well.

It’s usable now, but over the weekend I’ll measure the X-axis backlash and set the software compensation to match.