CNC Machine Checkout Sat. Dec. 11 2:00pm

I’ll be running another CNC machine checkout class on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 2:00pm. (A week from tomorrow).

This is a two-parter, where we first we go over VCarve and set up our stool project up front, then go back in the shop and cut it out. Figure on an hour and a half.

Please reply here if you’re interested.

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Very interested. But I’ll be out of town then. I look forward to the next opportunity to be there for the class.

Count me in thanks a lot.

Hi Carl, I’ll be there.

Hi, I’m going to be a new member soon, and would like to take this class.

Thanks Carl- please count me in!


@pete_49 Please join us.

Hi Carl, please count me in!

Edit: I won’t be able to stay long, so count me out :expressionless:
But I do still plan on stopping by for a bit.

Hi Carl, please count me in!

I’d like to attend too :slight_smile:

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